About Us

Zacks is a Canadian business that caters to the contemporary, fashion conscience, well-dressed woman committed to meeting her evolving needs.

In 1921, the first Zacks opened in Kitchener, Ontario. Today there are 19 stores across Ontario and Quebec. Zacks offers an inspiring selection of career and casual wear in sizes ranging from 4 – 18.

Working with Canadian manufacturers and importers such as Tribal, Dolcezza, Jolibel, Alison Sheri, Conrad C, Proportion Petite, Orly, Zoe, Simon Chang, Charlie B and LD International, as well as the Zacks private label, the stores are filled with the latest styles, fabrics and colors. As well, working with suppliers such as Fennelli, Apropos, Novelti, Oxygen, Marcona and Chillax, Zacks is able to offer a wide variety of high quality outerwear 12 months a year. Today, Zacks continues to provide a shopping environment where fashion, value and service fit perfectly.


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